Thematic Programmes/ Areas of Intervention

Thematic Programmes/ Areas of Intervention

    •  Women and Youths empowerment
    •  Human Security Promotion/Enhancement
    • Livelihood and Educational support
    • Child sponsorship
    • Just and Democratic Governance
    • Human Resource and Organizational development

Women and Youth Empowerment (WAYE)

MoPADA-SL Women and Youth Empowerment programme works with a network of local and international partners and other likeminded NGOs and community based structures to ensure MoPADA-SL initiatives on women’s social and economic empowerment to have greater reach and scale.

The organization empowers women and youth by providing accessible information and training on their rights and supporting local means of advocacy. We also raise awareness amongst officials and local opinion leaders on women’s rights.

Our advocacy work will prioritize the interest of poor and marginalized groups in our society, especially women and youth by strengthening their capacity in organizing, mobilizing for just and democratic governance.

We also promote the three Gender Acts of Sierra Leone that address issues of domestic violence, marriages and estates. The programme is currently implementing in the Southern and Eastern regions across the country

 Human Security Promotion/Enhancement (HSP)

The Human Security sector partners with health ministry through district health management teams and other health agencies to deliver primary health care opportunities. We provide education and resource support for community and school led safe water and sanitation projects, thus building local capacity and encouraging sustained healthy behaviors.

The HSP programme promotes health and sanitation in Pujehun, Bo, Kenema and districts respectively and also creates community sensitization on the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

The sector is composed of three main programmes namely; Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS), found in all operational districts.

School Sanitation and Hygiene Education (SSHE)/ School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS) in all operational districts.

 Livelihood and Educational support (LES)

MoPADA-SL engages young people in productive activities to create sustainable livelihoods and income generating opportunities. We infuse our training with broader life skills like communication, sexual and health awareness, thus giving young people all the tools to make better lives for themselves.

We work with the Ministry of Development, local governments and district youth committees to influence policies affecting youth and encourage youth inclusion in decision-making.

MoPADA-SL advocates and promotes the role of youth in household, food security, nutrition and environmental sanitation. We also engage with policy makers to further national agriculture and poverty reduction strategies and ensure youth representation in decision-making.

Our work at community level involves using participatory tools and/ or techniques approaches to help poor and marginalized people to explore the causes and effects of poverty and injustice and employ workable solutions to improve their livelihoods.

Child Sponsorship (CS)

MoPADA-SL partners with Education ministry, Social Welfare and Children’s Affairs ministry, Local Councils and other child agencies to Facilitate Children’s educational sponsorship nationally and internationally. The CS programme empowers children through education in order to be self-reliant. We linked school going children with local and oversea sponsorship in term of scholarships. MoPADA constructs Schools and monitoring educational structure development procurement procedures for transparency and accountability.

Through our engagements with partners organizations, communities and funders on child’s rights to education, school enrollment especially girls has increased in our interventional areas.

Just and Democratic Governance Promotion

MOPADA-SL is strongly convinced that people should live in peace and dignity. The foundation for such to exist is a just and democratic governance systems and structure. MOPADA-SL therefore, builds the capacities of critical intellectuals in its operational constituencies to constructively and non-violently engage their duty bearers for their stewardship. MOPADA-SL is also building the capacities of Ward and Chiefdom Development Committees in diverse areas so as to make them function effectively

 Human Resource and Organizational Development

The overall strategic vision can only be sustained with a strong human resource and organizational development base. Our Human Resource /Organizational Development strategy will therefore seek to renew and strengthen the organization in terms of design, management, gender equity, learning and sharing, staff competencies and motivation. MOPADA-SL periodically conducts staff refresher courses and capacity building workshops in order to keep the programme staff abreast of developing trends in Civil Society.

Statement from MoPADA-SL Executive Director

The Executive Director, Movement towards Peace and Development Agency of Sierra Leone (MoPADA-SL) Patrick Momoh, on behalf of the organization said it is a great honor and privilege to inform the world that their operations is to build and strengthen communities and individual youths including women and men through technical and convening work.

We also apply our knowledge management cycle of building, sharing and implementing promising practices into action through our thematic programmes in supporting global economic and health and sanitation backed interventions by youth livelihood development.

MoPADA-SL provides impact-oriented, innovative, and sustainable development initiatives to individuals and organizations to increase and improve economic opportunities for youth, women and children across operational areas.

This publication is a culmination and synthesis of our operations and areas of interventions in Bo, Pujehun, Kenema and Kailahun districts respectively.

In terms of Livelihood development, we provide services through supports from our donor partners to improve the capacities (human, social, productive and economic) and activities needed to sustain life and promote peaceful co-existence. This definition of livelihood is broad in that it includes all types of income generation, employment, enterprise development and production that help to supply enough food, clothing and shelter to lead a healthy and dignified life.

The large groups are women, men and children who are vulnerable and need help to develop their potential to become self- sustainable to take care of themselves, families, communities and country at large.

Access to affordable safe drinking water, hygienic latrines, and promotion of hand-washing promote safe hygiene practices and sustained healthier environment conducive for human consumption.

Therefore, water, education of health and sanitation, effective communication and community participation are considered as integral elements to scale-up our sanitation activities in complementing the provision of sanitary infrastructure and services.

Again, I would to say that MoPADA-SL is committed to promoting literacy among women through developmental activities that addresses their basic and practical needs and help them to break out of the cycle of poverty. Our Women’s Empowerment and Advancement Programme provides programs that combat illiteracy amongst rural women, indirectly enabling them to generate income and improve their standards of living.

I would like to end my statement that we have wealth of experience in implementing and giving consultancy TOT services all of the above programmes.